Probably Whiskey wants to thank all our fans for their support. Because of this support they are excited to announce that not only is the new album on 110 radio stations in 3 countries, but the album has also reached 245 on the College Radio Charts!

Check out the list of stations currently playing the new album to find a radio station near you. Support college or local radio and as always support local music!

Lots of Excitement From the Hill!

25th Anniversary Success for Common Ground on the Hill

So many big thing have come out from the 25th Annual Common Ground on the Hill Roots Music and Arts Festival. Phil has released his first solo album title “Spiess” its available on Spotify, Amazon music, Itunes, and cd

Also Phil’s recording workshop was a huge success to even include auto tuning a cup with the class.

Also the biggest news Philip and Kirstyn became engaged at a jam in the Gazebo where they met!


June 23rd through July 13th Probably Whiskey will be in Westminster Maryland for the 25th Annual Common Ground on the Hill Traditions Weeks and Festival! 

On top of all that excitement Philip Spiess will be teaching a workshop on audio engineering and recording during Tradition Week three 1st and 2nd periods.

The band will be around preforming at the festival on the 13th and jamming in the gazebo at night for all three weeks. We will also be releasing our debut album! All Merchandise and the album will be available for purchase in the common ground store.

Come out and celebrate 25 years of preserving traditional music and finding common ground through art music culture and conversation.

We are Recording!!!

Monday the 14th we are starting down a long but fun road! The band will be locking them selves away in Fredericksburg VA to start recording our first Album! Stay tuned to see and possibly hear updates and don’t forget to come see us LIVE on February 1st at Forge Brew Works!

We Survived and met all 100 Elvis!

We want to thank Baltimore Red and Wayne Werner for inviting us to play with them at the Night of 100 Elvis.  Kirstyn managed to learn the wash board in an hour, Mat was perfect as always and Phil was well Phil. (check our photos you’ll see what we mean)  If you are sad you missed us don’t worry put January 5th on your calendars! our next show will be at Forge Brewery in Lorton Virginia!

Night of 100 Elvis

The band is gearing up to play along side Baltimore Red and Wayne Werner at The Night of 100 Elvis at the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore Maryland! Cant wait to see you all there!!

Probably Whiskey Playing with Baltimore Red at Common Ground on the Town in Westminster Maryland